Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Moths Instead of Angels

Yes, it's depressing, pessimistic, but it's also realistic.  Even if reality has dualistic folds.  "The world is calling for angels. / But all it gets are moths beating in cracked / street lamps after hours at 2 a.m" (McCollum 7).  I want to eat this line, it's so tasty!

On my despairing (drinking) days, I scorn all the do-gooders, the charities, the churches, the nice parents, the crappy parents, even my own friends, and I think, What's the frickin' point?  What does any of it matter?  It's all crap.  Power's in the hands of the few, not the masses.  You can't make any noticeable change for any noticeable amount of time, unless it's negative change.

It doesn't even bother me that much anymore.  I'm pretty numb to it.  I am used to the moths beating into the after-last-call street lamps.  BUT.  And this is a big but.  I do believe in angels.  And sometimes I think this belief rather than offsetting propels my negative mentality.  Because I know there are angels guiding us, giving us strength, protecting us and STILL the world is such a mess.  It's like shoveling a snow bank with a spoon.

Yet somehow (maybe through the angels) hope comes, allowing me to gaze at moths in artistic inspiration. 

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