Thursday, September 9, 2010

Asher and Auryn are going places!

My brother recently asked if he could read my novel, now that it's published. I told him he should buy it, and then yeah, sure he could read it. (I get a little smart-alecky sometimes.) Of course, he made the case for blood-relation privileges -- as family, he should get special access to my personal copies. So, where is my author stash?

It seems that Asher and Auryn, co-stars of the book, have taken it beyond my bookshelf in my little rat-trap hotel . . . oh, wait, that's their line and their living situation . . . excuse me, my little motel-room of an apartment. As mentioned in the previous post, Dark Star Books & Comics in Yellow Springs has two copies for sale -- yep, straight from the author's stash. And more recently, the editor of the Dayton City Paper requested a loaner copy from me for the purpose of doing a book review and interview next month! So, DCP readers, look for an article in about a month.

Then, I suppose, I will give in and lend it to my brother . . . doesn't look like my own book is going to be on my bookshelf for a while. Make sure it's on yours! :)

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